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What is Rumble?

Rumble’s mission is to protect a free and open internet. Rumble’s primary business is a high growth, video sharing platform designed to help content creators monetize their content and for users to have access to ideas, diverse opinions and dialogue. These services are accessible through the web, mobile devices, and connected TV platforms. In the future, as an extension of the in-house infrastructure built to support its video platform, Rumble plans to develop Rumble Cloud Solutions, and enter the cloud infrastructure-as-a-service market.

Are there user or content restrictions on Rumble?

Rumble is one of the few neutral, independent, and scaled video platforms that operate with a consistent and user-friendly moderation policy. We strive to employ only reasonable, obvious, and clearly defined standards of conduct. Rumble’s terms and conditions of use and agency agreement can be accessed here.

How many global monthly active users does Rumble currently have?

During the quarter ended March 31, 2023, Rumble reported 48 million average MAUs (monthly active users) on its platform.

How is Rumble positioning itself for future revenue growth?

Rumble’s focus for the last year has been, and for the immediate future will continue to be, to grow users and usage consumption while building the tools and infrastructure necessary to enable and scale future monetization.

What is a key revenue driver for Rumble?

Consumption, defined as minutes watched by Rumble users through the web, mobile application, and connected TV applications, is expected to be a key revenue driver for Rumble.

How is Rumble going to monetize consumption?

Rumble expects to monetize consumption via various forms of advertising (programmatic and non-programmatic) on the Rumble Advertising Center (initial launch in Q3 2022), in addition to subscriptions via Locals, tipping and licensing.

Has Rumble begun to monetize consumption?

To date, Rumble has only engaged in limited efforts to monetize consumption but has made recent progress by launching the Rumble Advertising Center in Q3 2022.

When will Rumble expect to monetize consumption?

The Company is currently focused on growing users and usage consumption while building the tools and infrastructure necessary to enable and scale monetization in 2023.

Is Rumble currently a publicly traded Company?

Yes, Rumble’s shares are currently traded on the Nasdaq under ticker symbol “RUM.”

How will Rumble use the proceeds from its recent public listing?

We intend to use the proceeds, among other things, to attract new content creators to the Rumble and Locals platforms, continue to build out Rumble’s independent infrastructure, expand Rumble’s teams, begin robust marketing of the platform and services, make future acquisitions, and for other general corporate purposes.

How can I access press releases issued by Rumble?

You can access press releases issued by Rumble here.

How can I sign up to receive future press releases via email?

To sign up for future news releases from Rumble, please utilize the e-mail alert feature, found here.

Where can I find Rumble’s most recent investor presentation?

The public investor presentation can be accessed here.

Who is Rumble’s transfer agent?

Rumble’s transfer agent is Computershare.  They can be contacted at the following toll-free number: 800-376-3001.