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What is Rumble?

Rumble’s mission is to restore the Internet to its roots by making it free and open once again. Rumble is a high-growth neutral video platform and cloud services provider that is creating the rails and independent infrastructure designed to be immune to cancel culture. For more information, visit

When did Rumble become a publicly traded company?

On September 19, 2022, as the result of a business combination with a publicly traded shell company, or a SPAC, Rumble’s Class A common stock commenced trading on the Nasdaq under the symbol “RUM.”

What is “short selling” and how does it work?

Short selling is a trading strategy where investors bet on a stock’s decline by borrowing a security and selling it on the open market, planning to repurchase the security later at a lower price.

Brokerage firms, such as the ones in which you hold your Rumble shares, may facilitate short selling in Rumble’s shares by lending your Rumble shares that are held in margin accounts. Through this practice, brokerage firms earn an alternative source of revenue by “lending” shares to sophisticated and institutional investors who are betting that the price of the stock will decrease. If the price of the stock in fact decreases, then the brokerage firm and the sophisticated and institutional investors stand to make a profit, while the retail investor who owns the shares does not.

How do I prevent my shares from being loaned for a short interest position?

Long-term shareholders who believe in the Company’s mission and future can take the following actions to prevent the lending of these shares for the purposes of short selling:

  1. moving your RUM shares to a cash account from a margin account at your brokerage firm (a model instruction letter is set forth under the heading “Example Form of Letter to Broker” below);
  2. opting out of any securities lending programs, which should stop your broker from lending your shares; or
  3. keeping your shares at Computershare, the Company’s transfer agent (please note, should you transfer your shares to Computershare, you may incur certain costs in connection with any such transfer and delays in transferring your shares back to a brokerage should you decide to sell the shares); or
  4. transferring your shares to your bank (if the bank provides custody services); or
  5. holding shares in your retirement account (if permitted by your plan).

Example Form of Letter to Broker

If you decide to instruct your broker not to make your shares available for lending to short sellers, the following is a sample of the language you can use in your email or letter to the manager of your brokerage account:

[Broker Name]

[Broker Address]

Attn: Account Manager

My Account [Account Number]

Dear Sir or Madam

Please accept this written instruction to make sure that the following securities are held in my cash account only and accordingly are not available for any stock loan activities. I hereby expressly opt out of any securities lending programs and instruct you to not loan out any of my shares.



[Number] shares of Rumble Inc. (RUM) and any RUM shares subsequently acquired.

Please confirm receipt and compliance with this request.

How do I access Rumble’s filings with the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (“SEC”)?

Rumble’s SEC filings are accessible through the Company’s Investor Relations website here and on the SEC website here.

How can I access press releases issued by Rumble?

You can access press releases issued by Rumble here.

Where can I access the most recent quarterly results?

You can access our quarterly and annual financial reports here.

How can I sign up to receive future press releases via email?

To sign up for future news releases from Rumble, please utilize the e-mail alert feature, found here.

When does Rumble expect to scale monetization?

Following the Company’s building year in 2023, the full set of tools and infrastructure are positioned to enable and scale monetization in 2024.

Has the Company provided forward expectations?

The Company has stated beginning with the second quarter of 2024, revenue is expected to increase on a sequential basis. As a result of the Company’s revenue engines coming online and guaranteed creator commitments set to significantly decrease by the end of 2024 and into 2025, Rumble continues to move materially towards breakeven in 2025.

Where can I find Rumble’s most recent investor presentation?

The public investor presentation can be accessed here.

When is Rumble’s fiscal year end?

Rumble’s fiscal year ends December 31.

How many shares of Rumble are issued and outstanding?

As of May 8, 2024, we had issued and outstanding (i) 116,936,025 shares of Class A common stock, (ii) 165,153,628 shares of Class C common stock, and (iii) 105,782,403 shares of Class D common stock.

Who is Rumble’s Independent Auditor?

Rumble’s auditor is Moss Adams LLP.

Who is Rumble’s transfer agent?

Rumble’s transfer agent is Computershare.  Computershare can be contacted at the following toll-free number: 800-376-3001.

How can I obtain paper stock certificates?

For information regarding paper stock certificates, please contact our transfer agent, Computershare, at the following toll-free number: 800-376-3001.

Are there user or content restrictions on Rumble?

Rumble is one of the few neutral, independent, and scaled video platforms that operate with a consistent and user-friendly moderation policy. We strive to employ only reasonable, obvious, and clearly defined standards of conduct. Rumble’s terms and conditions of use and agency agreement can be accessed here.

How do I sign up for Rumble?

You can sign up for Rumble by visiting or by downloading the Rumble app to your mobile device via the Apple App Store, Google Play Store, or the Samsung Galaxy Store. For technical assistance, contact:

Whom can I contact to get more information?
  • You should contact Investor Relations if you have a question that cannot be addressed via our FAQs. Please email
  • If you are having issues with your personal brokerage account, please contact your broker.
  • If you have questions about physical certificates, you should contact the Company’s Transfer Agent, Computershare, at 800-376-3001.
  • For Rumble tech support, please contact