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ESG Statement

At Rumble, we strongly believe that the pursuit of our mission of restoring a free and open Internet leads to a societal benefit that is not captured by existing ESG frameworks, standards, or metrics. By pushing back against cancel culture and creeping censorship, we help facilitate a free exchange of ideas between our content creators and users.

We believe that remaining true to our goals is the best way to fulfill our fiduciary duties to our shareholders. We devote our time, effort, and capital to maximizing shareholder returns by developing and continuously improving our product, growing our user base, and attracting top content creators, all while pursuing our mission of promoting the free expression of ideas. We do not attempt to win approval from outside groups that seek to advance goals or agendas beyond staying focused on our mission and producing returns for our shareholders.

We encourage our stakeholders to continue to judge us by the returns we deliver as we work to restore a free and open Internet.